Amoy Kingera Arts And Crafts Co., Ltd.

Amoy Kingera Arts And Crafts Co., Ltd.
Kingera Arts and Crafts is a manufacturing and exporting company for strengthened dolomite ceramics pottery, with other names of lightweight ceramics, low-temperature ceramics, earthenware etc. and iron handicrafts, which is located at Xiamen, Fujian province , southeast China. We also source and export houseware, gifts, arts and crafts manufactured in China. We work together and design, research and develop new items with these factories, so that our products meet the requirements of western markets.

Shuanglong Ceramics Co, Ltd. , which is located in Dehua, a famous ceramic capital in southeast China, is our factory produces strengthened dolomite ceramics. We design new items, also process against customers artworks or reference samples. All decors such as gloss white glaze, embossing/ debossing, solid colour glaze, transferring and hand painting are available. Forming technology includes slip casting, pressure injecting and roller shaping, therefore all shapes can be made. Products are for different purposes, such as decorative tableware, dinner ware and mugs for daily use and vases, figurines, ornaments for decoration and some of them for both, in which there is everything that you expect to find. All products pass the heavy metal test under ASTM standards and microwave and dishwasher test.

Please come and visit our company and factory in person. We look forward to welcoming you as a new KingEra customer.

Dolomite, with the chemical name of Calcium Magnesium Carbonate CaMg(CO3)2, is named for the French mineralogist Deodat de Dolomieu. The mineral was first identified by him in 1791 and named after its discoverer. In China, dolomite has become a useful source for the production of lightweight ceramics(low-temperature ceramics) . Therefore dolomite also refers to ceramics which produced with the material of it. It is the oldest and lowest fired of the ceramics resulting in a porous body with water absorptions from 3-15%, non-translucent and may range in colour from red-brown to white. Dolomite is typically produced by firing to between 800 C and 1100 C. The first or biscuit firing temperature is 800 C - 850 C, glost firing 1050 C - 1100 C. therefore dolomite belongs to earthenware on the ceramics classification list, with the name of ceramics pottery.

Compared to conventional ceramic ware, dolomite items are 40 percent lighter, more flexible, and carry brighter and more abundant underglazed colors. Because the material offers greater design flexibility, conventional dolomite is used more for art pieces and decorative items, and less for dinnerware in complete sets that include plates, bowls, saucers and cups. Therefore lightweight dolomite is ideal for art pieces, dicor.

The use of lower firing temperatures than for porcelain and stoneware makes manufacturing more cost effective, allow a wide range of decoration techniques, so that products have sufficient durability for domestic use. Also due to its porosity it is of easy erosion after breaking then comes to one of the most green and environment protection ceramics.

Strengthened Dolomite:
To overcome its porosity (which makes it impracticable for storing liquids in its unglazed state, for example) , the fired object is covered with finely ground glass powder suspended in water and is then fired a second time. During the firing, the fine particles covering the surface fuse into an amorphous, glasslike layer, sealing the pores of the clay body. At the same time we improve the strength of the body through improving the recipe so that it overcomes its weakness and make it widely used for dinnerware, decorative dinnerware and decorative purpose as well. Our dolomite is strengthened one which keeps the conventional characteristics of dolomite and its strength is nearly like stoneware.
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